Gold mining project in Laos

Name of the Investor: Viet Ren Joint Stock Company, Subsidiary Company in Laos: Laos – Viet Ren Co., Ltd.
Investment location: Noong Key Uc village, Sansay District, Atapu Province, Laos
Investment Objectives: Exploiting gold mining and this creates jobs to more than 1,000 employees of the two countries Laos and Vietnam bringing benefits to Laos and Vietnam besides this the Company has given contribution to the friendship between two countries Laos and Vietnam. Every year the Company brings an average revenue of 6 trillion and an average profit of 1,200 billion VND.
Investment scale:

  • Mining area is 60 km2.
  • Investment area of phase 1 is 1.5 km2.
  • The total investment of phase 1 is 1.775 billion VND.
  • Gold output of stage 1 is 47,600 kg.

Technology Solutions:

  • Mining ore  using machines such as excavators, drilling machines transporting to the ore crushing line.
  • Crushing the ore by crushing and screening system with high capacity of 150 tons/hour to 800 tons/hour.
  • Soaking and using hydrometallurgical methods for the extraction of gold from its ores with modern technology obtaining the ratio of more 95%.

Progress Investment:

  • Investment period: 12 months.
  • The project life cycle: 30 years (can be extended depending on remaining reserves of the mine).